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The Wind Energy Project

The Wind Energy Project aimed to produce renewable energy and provide new revenue to support Community Projects in Selkirk. However, this has now been abandoned, due to a number of issues.

For several years, SRC has been pursuing the possibility of community-owned wind turbines.  Initial plans looked promising, with a potential income to the community of millions of pounds over 25 years, and much investigative work was carried out to see if a realistic proposal could be brought forward to planning.

However, we have been forced to abandon this project after coming up against several show-stoppers, including difficulty in getting agreement from landowners, planning concerns about visual aspects, and the intransigence of the MoD over new wind developments in the exclusion zone around Eskdalemuir.

We may look at other renewable energy projects, but none are likely to have such a great potential to provide long term significant funding for regeneration projects.


September 23rd, 2010

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